I am Carl Hanton E.A. C.T.C., a sole practitioner, dedicated to providing my clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of business and tax needs.

A Florida native, I was born in Ft. Myers and after graduating from Florida State University I returned to Southwest Florida. In 1986, I started my tax and accounting practice and have helped individuals and small business owners with their Tax, IRS, Accounting, and payroll needs for over 25 years.

What is an E.A.

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals.

Since an E.A., CPA, or attorney are the only licensed professionals allowed to represent a taxpayer with the IRS, it is advisable to always use one of these professionals for your tax needs. Licensed tax professionals are also required to attend annual continuing education.

NTPI Graduate

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) developed National Taxpayer Payer Institute to prepare licensed representatives to protect their clients’ rights. At NTPI Enrolled Agents increase their knowledge of IRS laws and procedures critical to representation of taxpayers.

At its core, NTPI is a three-level program developed to sharpen the skills of enrolled practitioners at all stages of their careers. With each level of this program, students expand their knowledge and skills, and gain the confidence needed to successfully guide their clients through the often challenging maze of IRS codes, internal regulations, and agency structure.and ethically minimize tax liability.

After completing this core program, there are annual continuing education conferences covering the latest information and techniques in dealing with the IRS on the client’s behalf.