The following testimonials that I have received from my clients highlight the level of attention and integrity I offer every client. My commitment to providing you with high quality service and excellent returns on your investments is my driving force. Here’s what some of my client’s have to say: (Please note, due to privacy, last names are not used unless the client has given permission to do so.)

I hired Carl Hanton from Premier Tax & Accounting to help steer me in the right direction after getting the dreaded audit letter from the IRS. 

When I got the letter I panicked and fell apart. I’m that typical “regular” guy you always here about with zero tax and accounting experience that decided to do my own taxes using TurboTax.  With all the crazy questions that TurboTax asked, it wasn’t surprising I got audited.  Not only did Carl help prepare and organize my taxes for the audit, he met with the IRS agent for me. Carl ended up saving me a lot of stress and money. Long story short Premiere Tax & Accounting is now handling all my accounting and taxes. I highly recommend Carl. 

Ryan Giles…Sarasota, FL

For the past 6 years I always filed online. This year I decided to test all the online return sites and they all seemed to be low. After doing some research for a local specialist, I found Carl from Premiere Tax. He was able to file my out of state return within a day and tripled my return that the online sites posted! I would recommend everyone to go visit Carl.

Jason Laffargue

I owed the IRS about $22,000.00 and felt like I had a ten ton weight on my shoulders, not sleeping well and living in fear on a daily basis that my bank account and wages would be attached.  Thank God I found Carl.  Carl was most professional and very reasonable with his fee. Carl originally filed my offer in compromise in January of 2010.  The IRS accepted the offer in compromise in less than 12 months.  The IRS settled for $1415.00, and Carl was even able to set that up on monthly payments. Before I found Carl  I had wasted a lot of time calling the “Tax problem specialists” that advertise on TV and most of them wanted to charge triple the amount of Carl’s fee. If you are having any kind of tax problem you NEED Carl Hanton.  I would not hesitate to recommend Carl to anyone and everyone I know.

Sincerely, Connie S…Englewood, FL

We were recently audited by the IRS. Instead of handling this by ourselves, we sought someone who could guide us through the process. Carl was highly recommended by another accountant who does not handle audits. Carl quickly came up to speed about our situation, particularly a small business we have. He learned about our business and guided us in preparing the necessary materials for the audit. He successfully represented us with the IRS, keeping us informed of the outcome of his meetings with the auditor and assisting in preparing answers to their questions. Along the way, Carl provided substantial guidance on how to improve our record keeping, accounting, and business development.Throughout the process, Carl gave us a good sense of the likely outcomes of the audit, and with his help, everything went smoothly and led to a very positive outcome, one that we likely would not have been able to achieve without his assistance and expertise.

The Boyers…Venice, FL

Carl Hanton has done my taxes now, for well over 14 years.  He is very knowledgeable and accurate when working on those precious numbers.  He always gets my taxes done in a timely manner and making sure all my questions have been answered.  And if he is unavailable, he’s great about returning my phone calls.  I would recommend Carl’s services to anyone because he gives that personal touch.

Kim J…..Bradenton, FL

I hired Carl from a list of 4 candidates when I moved to Manatee County in 2008. I was impressed with his tax knowledge and his ability to keep up with current tax trends. But what made the biggest impression on me was his personality. He never talks over my head or down to me. He is your friend and takes your situation personally. Since I hired Carl I have saved over 50% on my IRS tax bill from my previous accountant. I would highly recommend Carl to anyone.”

David Mack TBC Entertainment LLC


Carl took over my corporation and personal tax matters in 1986 and continues to this day. I had used large firms and was never satisfied.  Carl has made numerous suggestions over the years that have benefited me and is always available by phone, in person or over the internet.  I highly recommend Carl for any and all tax and financial matters.

Bob Clay…Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Hi Carl,

Just a note to say thank you for the work you have done for us, it has been a pleasure to work with you and we feel very comfortable and satisfied with your work ethics and knowledge….. and we look forward to working together with our future endeavors…. now that we have our past paper work in order and soon to be settled with the IRS and State… we can move forward and continue to keep our paper work in order and up to date… we would like to continue to call you as things progress and our business expands….

Thank you,
Maria and Mitch @Mad Dogs, Venice, FL

Thanks Carl…it is always so nice to have the advice I need anytime…really appreciate you:)

Tammy Purves, Riverside Covers, Fort Myers, FL

I gotta say, your customer service with me thus far is exemplary- 5-stars!!!!
It’s so nice to work with someone that I can count on and I don’t have to constantly follow up with etc, like most of the vendors I have to work with.. ack!!
Kudos Carl, thank you for everything. ?

Ken Silver Gun School, Inc, Fort Myers, FLhttp://www.gun-school.com/